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Professional Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpet is widely used in homes, schools, apartments, villas, etc., for decoration and safety purposes as well; hence it is an item that collects more dirt and stains than any other items lying on the premises. You may not feel how much bacteria and dust it has soaked in it, which came through your shoes and visitor, and it is very harmful if you let your children play on the carpet.

Doing a proper cleaning on a proper day and month would be better in preserving the shining of carpet and keeping your loved ones safe. 


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It becomes easy to clean if you have a small carpet in your home, but it becomes problematic if you have a large carpet, one can’t clean properly if you don’t have proper equipment and chemicals. Better is to call the best carpet cleaning company in Dubai. Who can help you in an emergency and deliver to you within your given time.

Persian Carpet Cleaning Dubai

The Persian carpet is known for its spectacular art and beautiful design, which they engrave through their hands; this makes it special; no machine can specialize and give the same quality. Due to this, Persian carpets require special care when it comes to cleaning.

When you’re cleaning a Persian carpet, it’s important that you use the proper equipment. You can’t use a regular vacuum cleaner on a Persian carpet; you need a professional who does work specifically in this field.

Sofa Carpet Cleaning Dubai

A sofa is a great place to chill and watch TV. But it can also be a place where dirt, dust, and other allergens collect. That’s why it’s important to clean it regularly, well there is no difference in carpet and sofa carpet, all are same, it’s up to the person, where do they use it. If it is under the sofa, it becomes sofa carpet, well all you need to care about and clean it. If you can’t do it yourself and you should hire a professional to come, carry and give it back to you within a given time. 

Silk Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Silk carpets and rugs are smooth; their softness makes them special. People love to keep them in their bedroom, hall as well as in their business premises. Well, this is one of the most expensive carpets you can have; with greater expensive, greater responsibilities come; due to its lustrous nature, you can’t put in water and clean it.

Different carpets require methods, and this is what Abhishek Laundry knows very well; you just have WhatsApp or call us directly and get a service straight away.

Robie Gonzales

abhishek has been very supportive when i have requests, even on a last-minute. They did wonderful job in my re upholstery of my couch. And wvwn does laundry of my comforters. Good job!

Ben Hooper

Have been using these guys for a month now and their service has been great. Good communication and always collect and deliver as promised.

Zahra Alkhefagi

Very happy with the service. They did a great job cleaning my small sofa and the carpet. Thank you guys 🙏

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Carpet Cleaning Dubai Near Me

Carpet cleaning is one of the foremost home maintenance tasks. Doing this not only makes your carpets look new, but it also helps to remove harmful bacteria and other dirt and dust particles that can cause allergies in your family member. It should be mandatory for you to clean your carpets at least once a week to avoid any problems down the line. 

If you’re unsure how often your carpets should be cleaned, or if you have any questions about what type of carpet cleaning service is best for you, don’t hesitate to call Abhishek Laundry whether a call, message, or mail, in everything we’re available. We’d be happy to help!

What method do we use to clean a carpet?

There are different ways to clean a carpet. One of the most common ways is to use a vacuum cleaner. But we only proceed once we examine the situation, and depending on that, we act on it.

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