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Laundry Service JBR Dubai

Looking for a laundry service in JBR Dubai?  Don’t look here and there furthermore.   We provide a wide range of laundry services, from a basic wash and dry to full-service washes and dryers. We offer a door-door collection and delivery to your doorstep; for quick and efficient service, contact us now to book your service.

laundry service jbr dubai

Ironing Service JBR Dubai

Looking for a professional ironing service in JBR Dubai? Well, there is no better option would be than Abhishek Laundry.  We offer a wide range of ironing services, from basic ironing to full-service irons with all the bells and whistles. We also offer a door-to-door collection and delivery service; for quick and easy service, contact us now to book your appointment.

Shoe cleaning JBR Dubai

Do you want to get your shoes clean and repaired in JBR Dubai? We clean and repair all kinds of shoes; whether you have leather shoes, sneakers, or casual shoes, we do it all.  We can deliver it to you within 24 hours after collection. Give us one chance; you will not be disappointed anymore. Whatsapp us now.

Carpet Cleaning JBR Dubai

Do you want to clean your carpet from a professional company in JBR Dubai? Well, you have landed on the right place to look because we offer the best carpet cleaning service in town. We use the latest equipment and techniques to get your carpets looking and smelling like new again. We also offer a stain removal service, so you can be sure that your carpets will be spotless after cleaning. Give us a call or message us now to book your service.

Dry Cleaning JBR Dubai

Searching for a dry cleaning service in JBR Dubai? We offer a perfect solution for all of your cleaning needs.  From clothes to accessories, we can take care of everything for you. You just need to let us know, give us a call or message us now to book your appointment.

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Mattress Cleaning JBR Dubai

Is your mattress got dirty? Carrying and cleaning the mattress on your own is impossible unless you have the proper equipment and know how to do it well. If you’re unsure, then Abhishek laundry would be good to go. We have already cleaned numerous mattresses in different homes and villas, do check us out now.

Cloth Alteration JBR Dubai

Did your clothes got teared up and need stitching, well along with washing and pressing, we also dos stitching work, even if you lost your button from any coat, shirt or pant, we will fix that as well, don’t worry we’ll pick and deliver it to you in a given time.

Sofa Cleaning JBR Dubai

Looking for a sofa cleaning company in JBR Dubai? Well, your search has ended here, we already have too many customers and have cleaned their sofa or couch in JBR, and the result was amazing; if we’re new for you, then I would suggest you look out for us for once, we’re sure, you’ll not be disappointed. Whatsapp us now!

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