Refund Policy​

Refund Policy​

The Abhishek Laundry Service does not offer refunds.  In the unfortunate event that a client is not happy with a service carried out by us, the issue must be raised with us within 24hrs of completion of the service.  Once we established the claim is reality based, we will rectify the issues at no extra cost to the client within 48hrs.

All items are checked upon arrival at the main laundry as it is not possible to check them once received due to the high volume of articles collected daily. Please note that Abhishek Laundry reserves the right to reject any article that is excessively dirty or stained. Customers will be informed of the cleaning service required prior to taking any action in order to obtain a verbal or written approval.

Fancy buttons and ornamental attachments must be removed from the clothes as the laundry is not responsible for any loss or damage of such articles.

Laundry shall not be responsible for any shrinkage or fading of color.

However in some cases we may think to repay under certain conditions, but the repayment cost will be only 10x of the price of the service customer has asked for.

The Laundry is not responsible for the shrinkage of clothes or color changing or any items not carrying washing care label or incorrect label with the laundry’s commitment to follow the washing instruction’s attached to the clothes from the manufacturers or suppliers. In case any shrinkage or color changing occurs, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and the suppliers

Please check your laundry prior to leaving the store as no claims will be considered after collection. and the Laundry shall not be responsible for any valuables or money left in the clothes.

The bill payment in advance and the normal delivery period for your laundry is 48 hours, with the exception of public holidays. Urgent delivery is subject to additional charges.

Please keep the Bill and present it when collecting your order. and the Laundry will not be responsible for any item not collected within 60 days.

In case of any lost or damaged articles, our liability shall not exceed 5 times the cleaning charges for the damaged item and 3 times for the carpet cleaning charges. Additionally, the laundry reserves the damaged items.

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